Us being weird and screwing up the lives of certain countries~

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    Post  Sake on Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:36 am

    This'll probably just be a random list with no specific order of occurrence. Just ideas we could possibly play out or apply in roleplaying~

    - Corresponding with the headcanon, Austria took a long time to teach Prussia to dance, but he taught him the following role, rather than leading. Prussia never knew this until they dance at a public formal affair. Someone {who can pretty much be whoever} points it out and Prussia immediately stops dancing. The person who pointed it out gets a short, but harsh, lecture from Austria, who was upset over quite likely losing all of his hard work in teaching Prussia. Prussia then demands to be taught the leading role, and Austria gives in and tries to teach him. However, he was so used to being guided that he fails quite badly at leading, screwing up and tripping a lot. After this, it isn't planned out; Prussia might give in and follow, or just be super stubborn. > w.<

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