Us being weird and screwing up the lives of certain countries~



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    Because I'm bored and these pairings intertwine perfectly in my head.

    Yet another college AU - Arthur, Roderich, und I guess Antonio... [[He'd be a pretty derpy teacher :T]] are teachers at a college which Alfred, Gilbert, und Lovino both go to. This has no set plot other than the fact that I want to use this video because Alfred is a dork. I'll come up with more ideas for this, I'm sure...

    Internet!Crossover Japan found a way to shove them into various games/animes...
    -Kingdom Hearts
    -Animal Crossing
    -Harvest Moon
    -Ouran High
    -Death Note
    -Homestuck [[ LATER. ]]
    -Soul Eater
    -AAAAND Because I'm cliche, if the countries fell into our world and we were all were magically neighbors.[[ For only when we get really bored. ]]

    Eventually a HetaOni RP as well :T That's self-explanatory, I hope...

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