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    America Headcanons Empty America Headcanons

    Post  Sake on Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:02 am

    My list of America headcanons~ X3 I'll more than likely be helped out a LOT by Random in this one, to be honest... :T
    1. America secretly loves chemistry/biology.

    2. He has a bag of marbles, which he takes surprisingly good care of. Sometimes, if he's really bored, he'll lay down and just look at each one; it really kills time, in his opinion.

    3. When in different states, he will speak with different accents.

    4. Though it's rather childish, and he knows it, he really likes fingerpainting, and usually paints his own face in the process.

    Er... So, um... Ja. I will work on this one, because I clearly haven't developed America very well yet. Why you guys have a liking for my America, I have no freaking clue. :I

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