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    This is going to be reaaaally long... Um.

    He really doesn't have that bad of an alcohol tolerance. When he drinks, the stuff he drinks is strong. He doesn't water down his alcohol with anything, causing him to get smashed rather quickly. If he's drinking at a party multiple people for company, he'll rarely ever get drunk.

    Likewise, he drinks when he's depressed. When he drinks, he becomes kind of a crybaby and whines about a lot of things. His mood switches really easily and he can be super-happy when he's drunk too.

    He's quite sensitive to things, but he doesn't show it in public. If someone insults him during a serious situation, he'll brush it off like it's nothing until he's alone, then he'll give it thought and will normally end up sulking about it.

    He's really, really pouty; it may look like he's frowning, but most of the time it's actually a pout.

    He's naturally left-handed, but he broke his left arm while learning to right and became right-handed instead.

    He's strangely good at designing fashion and has sketches in a small book, which he keeps hidden and locked away so no one ever sees it.

    He did actually try to spend America's birthday with him a few years after he declared independence, but ended up too sick and had to leave early. This is why he prefers to stay locked up in his house so he's not so much of a burden.

    He absolutely hates depending on people.

    He's a sucker for Southern accents and pretty much melts when America uses a southern drawl.

    Sherlock Holmes is his hero. He actually doesn't mind the American Sherlock Holmes movies...

    When he's hungover, he doesn't care for appearances at all. He'll prance around the entire day in his boxers if he can.

    He'll cry without realizing it; his tears don't really block his vision at all and he won't notice until they're actually spilling down onto his face.

    He's really awkward if he tries to flirt. He has no problem flirting back with someone, but he can't start flirting with someone out of the blue.

    He honestly doesn't want America to have perfect manners. It would freak him out and he finds the fact that he's a little sloppy to be endearing. But when he's too sloppy...

    He's underweight and hates it. He's naturally slender and can't gain much weight in fat or muscle. It irritates him to no end and he really doesn't like his body.

    He's not one to start relationships or friendships of any kind, you have to approach him first.

    If he wasn't just trying to get back at France, he would get along quite well with Austria.

    He finds it amusing and actually kind of adorable when America tries to 'be the hero'.

    He finds America adorable in general, actually; he will never, ever admit that out loud though~

    He has really, really interesting thoughts; they're pretty weird. He'll notice random small tidbits and ponder them for hours on end, such as why something is a particular colour or folded this way... etc.

    He really loves the rain; he just hates it around July 4th.

    He has a rather small kitchen, seeing as how he uses it for tea and baking scones. That's pretty much it; he doesn't make anything else.

    He likes wearing clothes that are big on him, they're really comfortable for him. Seeing as how most clothing's always big on him... He sleeps in really loose clothing. He normally only wears really loose clothes or tight clothes on occasion. Suits are for meetings only.

    When he's tired and forced to do things, he's really, really grumpy and snaps at pretty much everyone. His manners go straaaaight out the window.

    When he's tired and just relaxing, he can't shut up. He spouts weird things he'd never say out loud. This is when you get insight to his thoughts~

    He really likes pet names, but nicknames kind of irritate him. He's fine with things like 'Babe' or 'Honey', but doesn't like it when he's called 'Artie' or something such as that.

    He's really, really sarcastic if you haven't noticed. If something comes out of his mouth that sounds the slightest bit unintelligent, it's most likely sarcasm.

    He's terrible with technology and really has no desire to get used to it. He figures if he really needs something done that bad, he can ask someone else to do it.

    His house has to be clean. Spotless. It irritates him to no end when something's laying around where it's not supposed to be or left lying somewhere...

    He can't swim. Nope. He has to use a floaty or he stays on land. If he does get dragged into water by someone, he will climb on said person's shoulders and cling to them like his life depends on it. Even if it's shallow water.

    He enjoys pranking people, but does it very discreetly. Normally, no one finds out that it was him.

    He makes plays on words a lot. Most of the time, the references go straight over people's heads; but if you do happen to get them, they're pretty interesting.

    He's good at chess. Amazing, really; he's good at thinking ahead and strategizing. It's easy for him to see all possible moves at least 5 turns ahead of him.

    He hates Rubix cubes. They don't make any sense to him and he picked on up once; then after about 5 minutes threw it out the nearest window.

    He mutters to himself. A lot.

    He loves his garden very much and takes a lot of pride in it. If someone were to mess with it...

    His favorite flower is the rose. It doesn't matter what colour, but he enjoys red roses a smidgen more. He absolutely melts when America takes the time to stop and get flowers for him.

    He's a sucker for all things romance; flowers, chocolate, romance movies, cuddling on the couch...

    He used to be in a relationship with Spain when they were pirates... It was more of a hate-relationship, but it still happened~

    He can't stand puppy eyes. On anyone. He'll give in almost immediately. This also works with tears.

    He keeps a spare key under the doormat. Most people know about it, but he doesn't know that people know about it.

    His lungs aren't that strong from years of smoking. He doesn't make a habit of it much anymore, but still smokes when he's really, really stressed.

    He can be a really, really lazy person...

    If he doesn't have his tea at certain points in the day, he gets really grouchy. He'll stay that way until he gets some tea. It's a slight addiction...

    He doesn't sleep with the covers on most of the time, he doesn't like being overly warm. If someone else is in the bed with him, he'll just use their body heat as a blanket.

    He doesn't like hot weather very much at all. He prefers the cool, cold weather. He doesn't get cold very easily and can stand outside in the snow for hours on end.

    He's very fidgety and can't stay still. He doesn't make any big movements, but he's constantly tapping his pen, clicking it, tapping his foot... etc.

    He has a really wide range of music, but rock has to be his favorite.

    He would prefer to stay home and sit on the couch with a movie instead of going out on a date or being social.

    He's socially awkward. He's not good at approaching people at all.

    He doesn't put a lot of sugar or anything sweet in his tea. He gets really hyper very easily and doesn't like it when he does. Once, America made tea for him but poured a ton of sugar and honey into it. He was hyper for hours on end after that.

    He's a very good kisser. Yup.

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