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    Sake's Characters~  Empty Sake's Characters~

    Post  Sake on Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:35 pm

    Alright, here's a list of what characters I can play... Well, play half-way decently, I mean. But that... Okay, characters I tend/want to play. I might suck at them. Who knows. ; w.; But seriously. IF I SUCK AT THEM, TELL ME. Ahem. Anyway. List thing.

    • Austria
    • America
    • Russia
    • Germany
    • Prussia - Yet to play
    • Japan
    • Canada
    • Lithuania
    • Switzerland - Yet to play
    • France, if necessary... = w.="
    • Norway - Yet to play
    • Sweden - Yet to play
    • Hong Kong - Yet to play
    • Sealand
    • Kugelmugel
    • Greece
    • Germania - Yet to play

    I can play any character if I need to, though. I just might not be so good at them. > w.<
    I feel kind of bad how you guys permanently claimed your favorites, though I just left Austria out there... :'3 But if circumstances call for it, you could use him... If you'll notice, I did list Prussia; I'm curious to try him, und of course Austria would have to be involved... XDD

    Okay, SO. To celebrate this new site, und just because I love this gif... 83

    Sake's Characters~  Tumblr_m6xsduHZFA1r50mmk

    ...I'm not sorry. I love this place already. :'D

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    Sake's Characters~  Empty Sake's Characters - Homestuck

    Post  Sake on Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:04 am

    My Hetastuck form~ Feel free to use it if you'd like, und if you see anything I missed, please do tell me. > w.< I'm almost certain I got everything, but... Merf.

    [center]-Country Name/Human Name-
    [i]Chumhandle ::
    Text Color ::
    Typing Style ::
    Title ::
    God Tier Colors ::
    God Tier Symbol ::
    Dream World ::
    Planet ::
    Consorts ::
    Denizen ::
    Sprite ::
    Strife Specibus ::
    Fetch Modus ::[/i][/center]

    -Austria / Roderich Edelstein-
    Sake's Characters~  King_o10

    Chumhandle :: serenadingOrchestra

    Text Color :: #9988DD

    Typing Style :: Overly formal, perfect syntax.

    Title :: King of Keys

    God Tier Colors :: Purple and Silver

    God Tier Symbol ::
    Sake's Characters~  God_ti12

    Dream World :: Derse

    Planet :: Land of Cliffs and Sapphire

    Consorts :: Silver songbirds

    Denizen :: Lakshmi

    Sprite :: -edit-

    Strife Specibus :: -edit-

    Fetch Modus :: -edit-

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