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    Post  Sake on Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:38 am

    The topic for my OTP~ > w.< Alright, just tell me if you've got anymore to add, und I'll gladly do so~ Quite a few of these will, in all honesty, probably be from those headcanon pictures you see around. X'D

    1. Austria has a strong fondness for Gilbird, and enjoys listening to the bird's songs, sometimes even attempting to get him to sing a song while Austria plays.

    2. Sometimes, Prussia sits and listens to Austria play for hours; it's one of the very few times he's utterly calm.

    3. Though he acts like he doesn't, Austria actually really likes the nicknames Prussia calls him, most especially Little Master.

    1. Much to his own irritation, Austria is a terrible sucker for the small, sweet things, like surprise love notes or when Prussia cooks for him. Prussia knows this very well too.

    2. Austria spent a long while teaching Prussia to dance, but because he usually danced with females, he taught Prussia the following role.

    3. Austria really likes Prussia's hair, and enjoys running his fingers through it, or just touching it in general.

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