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    He's a very cuddly person~ Whenever he sleeps, he'll hug whatever is in bed with him whether it be a person or a pillow.

    He can handle mildly spicy food, but not too much spicier. Once, he tried some of Spain's Patatas Bravas and burned his mouth off. [Proper Patatas Bravas >:T ]

    He needs reading glasses, but he doesn't wear them because he thinks they make him look like a dork.

    He can play the flute, as Old Man Fritz taught him to play and gave him his own.

    The only reason music isn't his favorite is because he doesn't really seem to be the type to play in public.

    Even though Spain and France are practically his best friends, they still get on his nerves and he does get mad at them. Quite frequently, actually...

    He doesn't mind getting his hands or his clothes dirty, but he hates getting his hair dirty. He likes keeping it soft and clean, often running his hand through it when he's bored or irritated.

    He hates the fact that Spain and Austria were married and hates it when it's brought up other than when he insults Austria with the fact.

    He has fairly bad aim, mainly because of his eyesight not being perfect.

    He has a really good alcohol tolerance and doesn't get drunk or smashed easily; he'll sort of pretend like he's drunk, or just let loose when he drinks.

    He really likes listening to Austria play the piano, it relaxes him almost immediately.

    He can be really hyper for an entire day or really mellow and lazy for an entire day; it all depends on if he had a good morning or not.

    He always tries to eat breakfast, even if he doesn't have time. He's a firm believer that breakfast makes your day.

    He doesn't like canned beer all that much. He prefers bottles or just kegs.

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