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    Post  Sake on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:49 am

    Alright, you guys know the drill~ Tell me if you've got one to add. ^ w.^

    1. Russia really doesn't like sleeping. It's a rare occasion for him to get any real sleep, as his sleep is always plagued with nightmares.

    2. He is very protective and even territorial towards those he's taken an interest in.

    3. He dislikes the quiet, since his thoughts usually wander when it's quiet.

    4. He really loves animals, most especially the smaller ones, but tries to avoid them so that he doesn't hurt them. It's already happened many times before.

    5. Russia is a very adoring person, and loves to hug and touch people and anything else he deems huggable.

    6. It's very hard to fluster Russia, but it isn't impossible; when someone manages to do so, he becomes very uneasy and stumbles over his words.

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