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    Prussia gets in trouble with Spain and America during [insertclassafterwesortschedules]and has to stay after school for detention. He sneaks out of detention later and wanders down the hallway, but hears Austria playing the piano in the music room. He goes down and sits in the hallway beside the door and just listens for a while. He kind of dozes off still by the door and Austria finishes and packs up. When Austria walks out, he blinks and notices Prussia half-asleep by the door und wakes him up maybe I don't know how to end this part. We'll see what happens...

    Soo, I'm assuming that normal humans go to this school as well, und the normal kids outnumber the countries obviously. The normal kids like to tease the countries, especially Austria because he's the quiet kid who likes music and doesn't socialize a lot. Every so often, kids come after school and stand outside of the music room and basically be huge douchenozzles to Austria from outside the door. Austria normally ignores it. Prussia had no idea this was going on until after he started coming by the music room after school everyday. When Prussia got there, the guys had started throwing instruments from the other music storage room at the door and breaking them. Prussia basically beat the ever-loving crap out of them, but got hurt in the process. He stumbles over and leans against the door. Austria was in shock for a moment because he really had no idea what had happened. He gets up and opens the door, but since Prussia's leaning against the door he falls. Austria catches him and sees his injuries. He tends to his injuries and feels guilty because Prussia got injured because of 'his inability to fight back' or something I don't even know.

    Later later later, Prussia is in the hallway pretty much skipping class and this girl is in the hallway talking to him. They're kind of flirting because Prussia's like 'why the frack not, I'm awesome.' So yeah. They're at an intersection, standing by some lockers or something I don't know. Austria walks by and sees them but just keeps walking. Afterwards in the music room, Prussia goes and sits by the door since that ends up becoming a habit for him. He hears Austria angrily playing Chopin and is curious, but decides to let him play it out for a while. After a couple of minutes and no sign of Austria calming down, he cracks open the door to ask what's wrong, but is met with a vase smashing into the door, right next to his face. So, Prussia backs off and lets Austria play it out. When Austria's done quite a while later, he walks out the door and straight past Prussia as if nothing happened. Prussia follows him and tries to figure out what's wrong, but Austria just keeps walking and tells Prussia to just leave him alone. Prussia keeps bothering Austria, but before he can finally get out of him, Spain pops up and drags him away to mess with people or something. Then Austria would be trying to reason with himself that it wasn't his business and he shouldn't care anyways. Prussia would still be trying to figure out what was wrong, then figures it out after a loooong thinking process.

    The next day, Prussia and the girl are in the hallway again and Austria walks by, yet again. He's in a bad mood and thinking '...Great, this again. As if my day needed to get worse.' But he stops at the corner to see what they're actually talking about to confirm any suspicions. He hears the girl asking Prussia out and starts to walk away, but forces himself to stop and hear Prussia's reply. Prussia rejects the girl and says, 'Sorry, but I already have someone in mind...'

    Austria thinks that that someone is someone else that's not him of course, so he starts trying to distance himself from Prussia because he's thinking it's not worth the feelings and whatnot. So Prussia finally starts to notice and one day, he gets Austria alone and asks him what's going on. Austria ignores him and tries to leave, but Prussia grabs his arms. Austria snaps his arm away and opens the door, slamming it in Prussia's face. Prussia stands there for a minute and rubs his nose because Austria hit it with the door. He chases after Austria and [insertconfessionscenehere]

    After the first semester is over, all people with 5 or more detentions must attend a camp for a week. America, England, Spain, Romano, und Prussia all have 5 or more detentions and have to attend the camp. Prussia was irritated at first because Austria wouldn't be coming... But it turns out that Austria didn't get his 'human services' credit during the school year as he was taking an extra music class instead. So, they stuck Austria in the camp as a chaperone and ended up with the other 5 as the people he had to chaperone. They all had to share a cabin for the week and the chaperones were in charge of coming up with activities for them to 'promote proper behavior', which Austria had a lot of fun with. One day, they had a truth or dare session~ the only set idea I have for this is that someone has to dare Prussia to kiss Austria. This will be the last dare of the game.

    Sometime when they have a break in the school year, there will be a drawing for 6 people to win a trip to a ski-resort somewhere. Of course, Prussia, America, Spain, Austria, England, und Romano get to go. When they get to the ski-resort, England, Prussia, und Spain start a bet. Whoever doesn't finish their part of the bet has to ski down the steepest hill, which most people get injured on and there's always an emergency vehicle at the bottom. Prussia had to get Austria to teach him a song on the piano and he has to be playing it; the song was Austria's choice. England had to get America to teach him how to make hamburgers and they had to be edible, and Spain had to get Romano to willingly give him a kiss.

    Needless to say they all lost their part of the bet and have to sled down the hill at the same time. And of course, they all get injured and break something. This idea is mainly for humor purposes and a slight bit of panic at the end~

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